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​Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a comprehensive list of common questions people ask when they require a new windscreen or auto glass.

How much will it cost?
Autoglass replacement costs vary quite a bit, a small 1/4 glass in a door can be as little as $100 through to bus windscreens costing many thousands. Each vehicle's windscreen and body glass is unique so call us for an instant no obligation quote.

How long will the windscreen or body glass replacement take?
Typically a windscreen or body glass will take around 30 minutes to one hour to replace. Some vehicles with special accessories will take longer however this will be explained at the time of booking.
Can I drive my car immediately after the windscreen or body glass is replaced?
If we are replacing your front or rear windscreen you must wait a minimum of one hour to drive the vehicle, this is to ensure the urethane adhesive has time to cure and achieve adequate bond strength. If we replace a non bonded glass the vehicle can be driven immediately. Our technician will advise you of this on job completion.

Will you use genuine glass when replacing my windscreen or body glass?
In an attempt to provide you the most cost effective autoglass replacement we will always suggest and quote on aftermarket glass. In virtually all cases with modern production techniques and equipment aftermarket glass easily meets all federal and international safety standards and is practically identical from a cosmetic aspect. We can source OEM (genuine) glass at your request or if your vehicle mandates that we must use OEM glass.

What form of payment can I use?
We accept cash, mastercard or visa. Northwest Autoglass does not charge any fee to use credit cards.

Can my windscreen crack or chip be fixed?
If you can cover the windscreen chip and any radiating cracks with a twenty cent piece, the damage does not extend into any black part of the windscreen ceramic band around the edge and is not directly in front of your vision whilst driving (critical vision area) it can normally be fixed. Cracks extending further than an inch (2.5cm) can tend to be problematic to repair and in a lot of cases uneconomical.

Do I have to bring the car to you?
No, we provide a "to your door" mobile service at no extra charge.