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Specialist body glass and windscreen replacement for






​​​​Windscreen Replacement

Broken machinery glass can cause significant operational issues. When it breaks it needs to be repaired - Fast!

The team at Northwest Autoglass are specialists at cutting and installing flat laminated glass to size, reducing downtime by not having to order an expensive OEM glass in from an interstate or overseas supplier.

If the broken glass is a toughened glass type window these cannot be cut to size and must be ordered in to suit.

Window Tinting 

If you have a valid insurance policy that provides car glass and windscreen coverage for your vehicle we can direct bill your insurer and chances are we can replace the vehicle glass or windscreen with no out of pocket expense to you. (sometimes excesses are payable depending on your insurer).

All we need is your policy number and claim number which you obtained when you lodged your claim and we do the rest - its that simple!

Whether stated on your policy or not - you are entitled to choose who repairs your vehicle, you do not have to use an insurance company's  "recommended repairer" if you are not comfortable with their service or workmanship. You are entitled to your choice.

Side & Rear Glass

Northwest Autoglass can replace virtually any rear car glass or side car glass on all vehicle makes and models.

We can supply aftermarket replacement autoglass in most cases, saving you time and money. Our aftermarket suppliers produce car glass to OEM standard structurally and visually, most of these suppliers are the companies who make the OEM  vehicle glass in the first place.

If an aftermarket replacement car glass is not available for your vehicle (eg. encapsulated glass) we can supply an OEM  vehicle glass at extremely competitive rates.

Damage to your vehicle's windscreen can typically be repaired if certain criteria are met, windscreen chip repair in Karratha is environmentally responsible and can save you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars by avoiding paying for a replacement windscreen. Professional chip repairs are carried out in as little as 20 minutes.

If the damage to the windscreen can be covered with a twenty cent piece then it can normally be repaired satisfactorily, restoring structural strength and making a significant improvement in the cosmetic appearance of the affected area. The diagram shown shows the regions of the windscreen that can and can't be repaired. Any damage in the Critical Vision Area (CVA) or the Ceramic Band cannot be repaired under Australian Standards as it can be a safety issue due to the fact that repaired windscreen chips can leave a small slightly dull spot on the glass after completion which is totally normal. Chip repairs can be carried out anywhere in the Primary Vision Area (PVA) as long as no damage extends to the ceramic band region.

Windscreen chips are repaired by injecting specialised resin into the damaged area under pressure and removing trapped air to provide a cosmetic and structural improvement. 

Car manufacturers are choosing to incorporate more high tech features into vehicles every day, windscreens are no different. Rain sensors, Humidity sensors, Anti Collision Cameras, and Heads Up Displays (HUD) on vehicle windscreens are becoming quite common in all makes of cars, this emerging technology is making the automotive glass industry quite complex.

Having a knowledgeable and technically competent company carrying out your windscreen replacement is now a must, Northwest Autoglass in Perth, Karratha and Onslow have dedicated research and development staff with extensive contacts in the motor industry to ensure we are aware of emerging technology, how it works and it's technical impact on windscreen installation.

You can rely on Northwest Autoglass to replace your windscreen and preserve the safety, appearance and value of your vehicle.

Machinery Glass

Windscreen Chip Repairs Karratha Only

​​Insurance Claims

Our window tinting partner Tint a Car Karratha located at 3/990 Croydon Road in the Karratha LIA offers a wide range of solar and Security window film solutions and specialises in window tinting for cars, trucks, machinery, home and office. Darkest Legal available for all vehicles!

Tint a Car Karratha adhere to a strict written "Code of Practice" ensuring you will receive excellent customer service and technical expertise. A written Lifetime Nationwide Guarantee is offered on all automotive window tinting and residential window tinting giving piece of mind that you will never have to pay for your job twice.

Car  Window Tinting - Darkest Legal and then some.

Tint a Car Karratha has a range of affordable automotive window films to keep you cool on those 40+ days, all film is USA made and exclusive to Tint a Car ensuring only the finest quality high heat rejection film is used on your vehicle. With heat and glare reduced and 99.9% of UV rays blocked out you can enjoy your driving experience and keep the kids cool and comfortable. Ask them about their super dark tint for all budgets.

Home and Office Window Tinting - Blocks up to 75% of Heat.
Cool your home or office with specially designed solar window film. Tint a Car's range of home and office tint will keep you cool and reduce your energy bills significantly by keeping heat out of your environment. Privacy films (Frosted films) are also available, maintain your privacy in the home or office without significantly reducing ambient light levels.

Machinery Window Tinting - Happy Staff, better productivity.

Tint a Car can tint anything from a telehandler to a wheel loader, specially designed solar films can keep operators cool and free from heat exhaustion and fatigue. 99.9% UV blockout also aids in compliance with HSE policies preventing sunburns and reducing skin cancer risk.

Free quotes on all window tinting in Karratha - CALL 9185 6669